Supply Chain Quality Management Strategy

Enable effective quality management to mitigate risk, reduce waste and deliver high-quality customer experience

How to Improve Your Supply Chain Customer Experience

Effective customer experience management yields higher customer satisfaction, higher repeat purchase rates, and fewer complaints.

Download the infographic to understand:

  • The right way and the wrong way for quality teams to diagnose customer needs
  • How much customer demands will increase in the next
    24 months
  • Data to build the business case for customer experience management in the quality organization

Download the Infographic

Discover 4 ways to improve customer experience understanding in the quality organization

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    Supply Chain Quality Management Must Be Predictive, Connected, Flexible and Embedded

    The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting supply chain gridlock have led to unprecedented changes in both consumer behavior and the ways companies get work done, calling into question existing supply chain quality practices and assurance processes.

    Organizations’ ability to survive, adapt and grow in this environment hinges on their ability to respond quickly without sacrificing quality. However, nearly 50% of employees admit to skipping all or part of quality processes as a way to expedite their work

    Quality management must become more predictive, connected, flexible and embedded.

    Our research will help companies transform their quality management approach to efficiently and effectively meet customer expectations today and tomorrow.

    Employees make 85% more mistakes, on average, in companies with weak cultures of quality than in those with strong cultures of quality.

    Supply chain quality management insights you can use

    Gartner’s research and insights help you improve the design and execution of quality management strategy to deliver business value.

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    Gartner Supply Chain Quality Management
    Case Studies

    Nearly two-thirds of quality leaders believe the quality function will change by at least 50% or more. This will come with an expanded scope of work. Despite that expanded scope, they anticipate the size of the function will not change and they will not get additional resources. They need to optimize what they already have and also prepare themselves to take on new responsibilities.

    Ankur Mehta

    Director of Advisory, Gartner
    Case Study

    Building a Cost of Quality Model

    Following a heavy cost-reduction mandate, a large enterprise packaging company wanted to reduce costs in its quality function but was unsure of where to start. Learn how Gartner helped the client identify global and site-specific cost drivers to focus on in order to achieve the greatest cost improvements.

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    Supply Chain Quality Management: FAQs

    Continuous quality improvement (CQI) is a methodology for continuous improvement of the quality of an enterprise’s products, services or internal processes.

    Total quality management (TQM) is a management approach that focuses on continuous improvement. Organization engage all members to focus on improving processes and products to increase customer or user satisfaction. There are many strategies, tools, and techniques that organizations may leverage in this approach.

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