Supply Chain Customer Fulfillment

Optimize and innovate through profitable customer-centric fulfillment initiatives

Becoming a Customer-Centric Supply Chain

A customer-centric supply chain is focused on delivering both profit and high-value CX. How do you build a customer-centric supply chain that is deeply knowledgeable of and responsive to customer needs?

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    Future capacity constraints and increasing product complexity will stretch supply chains, pushing organizations to look for more creative ways of delivering products to customers. Leading supply chains recognize the need to partner with the business for growth, while also driving efficiencies.

    Stan Aronow

    VP, Distinguished Advisor, Gartner

    Implementing customer-centric processes and solutions

    Leading supply chain executives realize that customer satisfaction should be a key indicator in gauging the success of their supply chain operation. Only 27% of companies believe they offer service that is superior to their competitors’ service. That means nearly three-quarters of companies do not exploit the supply chain customer service function to gauge customer satisfaction and improve customer experience (CX) overall for competitive advantage. 

    Supply chain customer fulfillment insights you can use

    Gartner can lead organizations to develop deeper customer understanding, prioritize customer-focused initiatives, and balance foundational capabilities with those focused on competitive differentiation and innovation

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    Customer Fulfillment: FAQs

    Gartner defines customer experience as the customer’s perceptions and related feelings caused by the one-off and cumulative effect of interactions with a supplier’s employees, systems, channels or products.

    Customer experience management (CXM) is the discipline of understanding customers and deploying strategic plans that enable cross-functional efforts and customer-centric culture to improve satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

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