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Define your strategy for agility and resilience in uncertain times:

  • Balance the volume, variety, and speed of security and risk decisions.
  • Communicate security risks, challenges, and opportunities to senior execs.
  • Transform security programs for digital business.
  • Adapt to tech and threat changes.
  • Overcome organizational barriers to grow digital initiatives.

Develop security programs to respond to emerging threats and advanced attacks as you:

  • Balance potential risks with business goals, such as speed, agility, flexibility, and performance
  • Create and uphold robust security governance across the organization
  • Set up metrics and indicators to evaluate the success of security programs
  • Anticipate the appearance of sophisticated attacks that cannot be stopped by traditional security

Target the risks that matter most in the race to the digital future:

  • Build an effective risk management program when investing in digital business.
  • Evolve your risk management practices to stay on top of emerging and enterprise risks.
  • Successfully align risk appetite with business objectives.
  • Use metrics effectively to understand changes in risk exposure.
  • Effectively manage third-party risk.

Select and architect effective security and risk solutions:

  • Learn how digital business affects security architecture.
  • Create a stronger connection between security and business.
  • Create security architecture frameworks to meet compliance requirements and tech advancements.
  • Gain an understanding of the intricate market for security and risk management tools and services.

Protect critical assets:

  • Develop new best practices to secure new enterprise network edges.
  • Keep pace with the changing technology application landscape and evolving data protection regulations.
  • Balance the imperative to rapidly modernize applications with the requirement to protect them.
  • Respond to the challenges of securing sensitive data while expanding the use of cloud services.

Craft leading edge applications, architectures and strategies for digital business transformation

Discover the topics and featured sessions informed by key challenges in cybersecurity and emerging trends.

Cloud Security

The constant growth of technologies, strategies and new vendors poses an additional challenge for cloud security. Understand the core concepts of cloud security to ensure your cloud security strategy keeps up with the pace of change.

Sample Sessions
  • Outlook for Cloud Security
  • Explaining Cloud Risks to an Executive Audience
  • Cloud Security 201: A Cloud Security Cookbook
Endpoint, Infrastructure and Network Security

Create a successful strategy to navigate the future of hybrid work and evolving app architectures while driving secure digital transformation.

Sample Sessions
  • Outlook for Endpoint and Mobile Security, 2023
  • You Still Need to Align Your Remote Access Strategy for the Future of Work
  • Having the BYOD Security - and Privacy - Conversation
Risk Management

Get the tools you need to develop, implement and manage the processes and technologies that enable the business to manage risk appropriately.

Sample Sessions
  • Privacy and Ethics: Prepare for Digital Society
  • Don't Let Your AI Control You: Manage AI Trust, Risk and Security
  • How to Both Assess and Monitor Third-Party Cybersecurity Threats While You Are Sleeping
Threat Exposure Management

Emerging risks and top security trends are driving innovation amongst security and risk management providers. Explore high-impact emerging technologies in security and risk management.

Sample Sessions
  • Outlook for Security Operations
  • The Expanding Attack Surface: Discovering and Prioritizing Your Unknown Risks
  • Cybersecurity Validation: Attack Simulation, Pentesting, and the Future of Red Teaming
Access Management and Authentication

Access management tools are offering increasingly converged technologies. How will you take your organization into the identity-first era?

Sample Sessions
  • The State of Access Management
  • State of Privileged Access Management, 2023
  • Top Open-Source Security Tools

Gartner Security & Risk Management Summits

Objective, expert insights on cybersecurity, cloud security, privacy, risk management & advanced threat detection

“Gartner has been essential in providing valuable insights that have helped to guide our information security program. The time that is saved in doing technology and product research helps us to move quickly and be more agile.”

James Pardonek, Chief Information Security Officer
Loyola University Chicago

Hear what security leaders think of Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit

Join a community of experts and cybersecurity leaders at Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit and participate in interactive and collaborative sessions, share experiences and access the latest research to equip you with a detailed plan that helps improve your security posture and make the security organization a proactive business partner in pursuit of enterprise excellence.

Hear from past attendees on why this conference is a must-attend for cybersecurity leaders. 

Cybersecurity and risk questions Gartner can help answer

The best way for a CISO to prepare for a major security incident is to make security investment decisions that will help achieve personal, functional and business goals, confirm that incident response plans are approved by management, review them periodically and test them once a year, and learn from incidents to strengthen future responses. 

CISOs should ensure they have implemented a necessary response plan that sufficiently mitigates harm to the business. They should focus their time and attention on preparation and response, and heighten their company’s overall security awareness.

CISOs can increase their overall effectiveness by proactively preparing their organization for a breach and focusing on their readiness and response. This will help them better meet the expectations of their board, CEO and C-suite peers.

AI TRiSM is a framework that supports AI model governance, trustworthiness, fairness, reliability, robustness, efficacy and privacy. It includes solutions, techniques and processes for model interpretability and explainability, privacy, model operations and adversarial attack resistance for its customers and the enterprise.

Develop a holistic, coordinated CPS security strategy while incorporating emerging security directives for critical infrastructure. Conduct a complete inventory of OT/IoT security solutions used within the organization, as well as perform an evaluation of standalone or multifunction platform-based security options.

A data loss prevention (DLP) program is an approach that combines defined processes, well-informed and trained people, and effective technologies to improve information security and protect business information from data breaches.

Organizations need to build digital solutions at the same time they construct a full Digital Risk Governance (DRG) framework. Sharing is required to go digital and digital is necessary for faster action.

Risk executives should focus on their preparation and response plans in order to increase their overall effectiveness.

The best way for risk executives to prove their effectiveness is to proactively prepare their organization for a breach, rather than scrambling to react once a breach occurs.

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