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The premier sales conference for CSOs and their teams

At the Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference 2023, CSOs and sales leaders joined Gartner experts to share valuable insights on sales strategy, sales leadership, sales enablement, and sales operations. Attendees walked away with personalized insights and detailed plans to create success within their sales organization.

Join us in 2024 at the top sales event of the year to get guidance from Gartner experts, network with thousands of sales leaders and explore our stellar roster of exhibitors and solutions providers. The Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference is an unparalleled opportunity to learn from the most progressive voices in the sales industry, helping you increase your impact within your organization. 

Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference
May 21 – 22, 2024  |  Las Vegas, NV

Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference 2023

Missed the Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference in 2023? Here are some of the key takeways from the expert sessions and speakers at one of the premier sales events of 2023.

Gartner Chief Sales Officer & Sales Leader Conference

The premier gathering of chief sales officers (CSOs) and their sales leadership teams focused on sales strategy, sales enablement and sales operations. At this sales conference, attendees get exclusive access to research-backed sessions, expert advice on their specific challenges and problem solving with peers through networking opportunities.
What was covered

Gartner CSO & Sales Leader conference agenda tracks addressed the most pressing priorities for today's sales leaders:

  • Track A: Reinventing Sales Strategies to Drive Growth
  • Track B: Enabling the Commercial Organization of Tomorrow
  • Track C: Revolutionizing Sales Operations for Greater Scope and Impact
  • Track D: Optimizing Revenue Technology to Boost Engagement
Who attended
The Gartner CSO & Sales Conference 2023 is the top sales event for sales leaders and their teams, ready to strategize with their peers to face their challenges head on.
  • Chief sales officers, heads of sales
  • Chief revenue officers
  • Chief growth officers
  • VPs of sales enablement
  • VPs of sales operations
  • VPs of learning and development
  • VPs of sales strategy
  • Talent management, effectiveness, excellence, readiness
  • Performance management, commercial operations

The Gartner CSO & Sales Leader conference was the best two days I have given myself as a sales enablement leader this year. The sessions were valuable and have equipped me with what I need for strategic planning and execution. 

Lisa Dickson

VP of Sales Strategy and Enablement, Experian Employer Services

The Gartner sales conference gives you unbiased advice to build the sales organizations of the future

Gartner Chief Sales Officer & Sales Leader Conference is the world’s most important gathering of chief sales officers (CSOs) and sales leaders (e.g., VP sales enablement, VP sales operations) to optimize building high-performing sales talent, leveraging sales operations for competitive advantage, leading sales while navigating complexity and much more.

At this sales event, sales leadership from across the country immerse themselves for two days in a rich environment featuring unique Gartner insights and actionable advice, opportunities to share best practices with an unparalleled peer group, inspirational and thought-provoking keynotes, and engagement with the industry’s leading technology and service providers.

Why this sales leadership conference is right for you

  1. A unique and timely theme that addresses the mission-critical priorities of chief sales officers and sales leaders
  2. Absorb practical, applicable insights based on Gartner research methodologies and sourced from proven practices at leading sales organizations
  3. Capture crowdsourced implementation ideas and in-the-moment ideations that you can benefit from only if you are part of the live conversation
  4. Leave with prioritized objectives and practical solutions to implement
  5. Expand your network of sales leader peers and make lasting connections as you explore solutions to today’s challenges

Find content aligned to your roles below

Drive profitable, repeatable growth

At one of the best sales conferences of 2023, you can gain insight from our data-backed research into all major areas impacting your function today from frontline manager effectiveness to account growth and sales process design.

Equip sales with data, tools and resources

Learn from real-world examples of sales enablement approaches and applications of technology. Gain insights on how to identify and eliminate barriers to sales success.

How Can CSOs Optimize Revenue Technology Stacks for Pipeline Growth?

At the Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference, our goal is to help sales leaders find ways to optimize revenue technology today and build scalable strategies for tomorrow. However, evaluating your current revenue technology stack and prioritizing new technology investments is easier said than done. To kickstart this process for sales leaders, we have included a quick guide below on how you can get the most out of your revenue technology. 

To explore more insights on optimizing revenue technology, you can attend the Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference 2024, the premier sales leadership conference where attendees address their most critical challenges.

Most CSOs do not see their current tech stacks as effective toward building pipeline. Sales is stuck in a perpetual cycle of purchasing tech that does not meet expectations, often making the mistake of seeking better technology to improve where the previous purchase failed. The problem is often in the design of technology evaluations, scoping and implementations.

The way to break this cycle is to move from a technology-first focus to an outcomes-first focus. An interconnected RevTech stack efficiently connects prospects with the right sellers and uses data and automation to direct seller time to activities where they can be most effective.

Sales leaders can also gain better insights on utilizing RevTech to improve pipeline at the Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference. By attending one of the top sales conferences of the year, sales leaders get a more tailored solution on how they become more outcomes-focused when evaluating their revenue technology.

Sales leadership should consider following the following steps: 

1. Take an outcome-first approach to tech buying

2. Include technology in the design of their pipeline strategy

3. Map out use cases to drive pipeline outcomes

For more specific, research-backed advice, sales leaders can attend a Gartner sales summit like the Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference and learn ways to optimize their revenue technology to drive engagement and build more pipeline. 

CSOs should first pinpoint the specific outcomes they want to achieve, and then work back to technologies that can help drive those outcomes. Moving from a technology-first to outcomes-first mindset helps set realistic expectations for what various technologies will deliver. As part of this approach, it’s important for sales leadership to recognize that outcomes are often derived through smarter deployment of multiple different technologies working together to achieve specific results. By connecting complementary technologies as part of a larger ecosystem, sales teams can accomplish more.

A consistent pipeline is essential to support an efficient revenue process. Sales leaders can follow this step-by-step process to efficiently design their pipeline strategy:

1. Start by segmenting and engaging buyers based on data points.

2. Store buyer data to support automation, analytics.

3. Automate workflows to deliver orchestration.

4. Help marketing roles engage prospects digitally at scale.

5. Help sellers execute buyer engagement at scale.

6. Surface content, communications, training, and coaching associated with pipeline generated.

Sales leaders can also attend the Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference to gain insights on how to improve their pipeline by using better revenue technology. By meeting with Gartner experts at the top sales event of the year, CSOs and sales leadership can get highly tailored processes on designing their pipeline strategy. 

A common challenge when choosing the technology that will drive meaningful outcomes for sales leaders’ organizations is the way its value is presented. Using compelling use case stories can accelerate organization concept timelines. Four key components to developing a compelling use case:

1. Stories: Articulate who needs to do what and why they need to do it. Include all relevant personas such as buyers, marketers, and sellers.

2. Outcomes: The outcomes, KPIs and metrics needed to calculate those KPIs.

3. Technology: A visual description of how the technologies connect in the use case.

4. Data: The data points needed to feed the technology and measure the outcomes are critical to the use case.

For additional information, the Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference is the premier sales program to learn more effective ways to map out use cases to drive pipeline outcome. 

At Gartner sales conferences, sales leaders gain access to data-driven insights, strategies, and frameworks to help increase sales leadership’s impact within their organizations. Attendees have access to various research-backed sessions covering topics that matter most to them.

At the Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference in 2023, attendees explored the following topics regarding revenue technology:

· Sales analytics: Attendees learned how to maximize the full potential from their sales analytics and implement the latest trends.

· Revenue Technology Optimization: Attendees explored how to optimize their technology stack today so that it is set up for success tomorrow.

· Emerging Revenue Technology Trends: Attendees explored revenue technology trends, why they will transform business-to-business sales and discuss how to take advantage of them at their organization.

Keep an eye out for the Garner CSO & Sales Leader Conference 2024 agenda. By attending, CSOs and sales leaders are joining in one of the top sales conferences globally and will get a critical update on top sales trends. 

To optimize revenue technology stacks and prevent low returns on RevTech investments, Chief Sales Officers should rely on use cases that have led to defined outcomes. 

Fore more actionable insights and guidance, the Gartner CSO and Sales Conference is the premier sales summit, where attendees find the solutions to their most critical sales challenges. 

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