How Technology Product Leaders can Drive Revenue Growth

Drive your key product priorities forward with action-oriented advice aligned to the product life cycle

2023 Leadership Vision for Technology Product Managers

Your clients are facing uncertainty brought about by persistent inflation; scarce, expensive talent; and global supply constraints caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, COVID-19 lockdowns and energy shortages. This triple squeeze is impacting businesses globally and directly impacting technology spending priorities for 2023.

To help you prioritize your time and energy we've created this Gartner Leadership Vision eBook to provide top-level guidance on where to focus — based on our data-driven research.

Discover the top 3 strategic priorities for tech product managers.

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Drive growth in uncertain times

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    Trending insights and tools for product management leaders

    Product managers and their teams need critical insights on buyer needs, market sizes, competitive technologies, market dynamics and go-to-market strategies to achieve success in product management.

    Resources and tools to drive stronger performance

    Understand your market with Gartner’s Risk and Opportunity Index. Get deep market insights to identify potential growth opportunities and risks across 8 categories in your market.

    Position against competitors with Gartner's Competitive Evaluation Tool. Dynamically evaluate your product's key features against your competition.

    Align to customer needs with Gartner for Product Decisions. Power your product strategy with customer insights into key product capabilities in your market drawn from more than one million market data points.

    Apply best practices with Product Management Score. Identify a path to improvement with a custom, on-demand assessment of your product management function’s performance and maturity.

    Measure and pivot with Gartner Product Manager Benchmark. Evaluate your performance against peers to optimize your spend and drive maximum product management effectiveness.

    Insights to enable faster, smarter decisions

    Product/Service Organization & Leadership: Optimize your product team and strategy by adopting new tools and processes, reorganizing your resources and collaborating with the entire company.

    Product/Service Design & Creation: Improve the effectiveness of your product development efforts with investment prioritization, product differentiation and accelerated time to market.

    Product/Service Introduction & Delivery: Successfully enable sales and resonate with new customers by establishing successful product launch, pricing and packaging strategies.

    Product/Service Evolution & Management: Innovate and evolve your product or service throughout its life cycle while maintaining financial growth.

    Product/Service Discovery & Validation: Achieve and sustain product success through target customer identification, addressable market sizing, actionable competitive intelligence and customer-centric roadmaps.

    Capitalize on expert guidance

    Tap into the experience and knowledge of more than 2,200 experts, including product management practitioners who can help you optimize your strategy, operations and tactics.

    Technology product management leaders must look to improve and transform product management processes, tools and people to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving market.

    Emil Berthelsen

    Senior Director Analyst, Gartner

    Power your product strategy with Gartner Product Decisions

    Exclusively for product managers, Gartner Product Decisions puts the power of more than one million market data points at your fingertips to make informed product decisions. This easy-to-use tool combines proprietary Gartner buyer data, analyst insight on buyer needs and product capabilities across 100+ markets to power your product strategy and roadmap.

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