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The Sonic Side

The demos were recorded using a very minimal setup: an OC4 driven by the aux send output of a Behringer UB1002 pad mixer; the returns are connected to the two microphone inputs on the mixer, panned hard left and right, with the input gains at 3 o'clock (around 50 dB) and the faders at 0 dB. Unless otherwise noted, the EQ's are flat without any low cut.

Evolver P86 A synth arpeggio (program 86) produced by our favorite "signal generator," one of Dave Smith's Evolvers.

Evolver P16 Another Evolver demo using the very percussive program 16.

Jennifer Matthews Local singer/songwriter Jennifer Matthews singing a bit of one of her songs... (dry file for comparison)

Telemann Flute Concerto My friend and neighbor Ken Field (Revolutionary Snake Ensemble, Birdsongs of the Mesozoic) playing a bit of a Telemann flute concerto. It's relatively long (1'52) and at first, I was only going use a short snippet, but I could not decide which short snippet to use, so... (dry file for comparison)

Cindy's Radio Show My friend Cindy's first time on the radio. Even with the technical blundering, she comes off sounding like an old pro... (dry file for comparison)

Wendy's Space Ship My friend Wendy made this great space ship sound with her Moog Rogue... (dry file for comparison)

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