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The CoolSprings OC4 Stereo Spring Reverb

"Manufactured by beautiful girls in Milton, Wis. under controlled atmosphere conditions"

The CoolSprings OC4 is another limited edition passive stereo spring reverb from Zerotronics. It puts four vintage NOS Folded Line reverbs, manufactured by O.C. Electronics in the early 70's, into a 2U high 10" deep rack-mount chassis.

Each reverb has three springs, coupled in series using a unique v-shaped mechanism, to create a complex pattern of secondary reflections. Multiply that by four and the result is a smooth, suprisingly diffusive reverb with a remarkable full-bodied sound.

The CoolSprings OC4 is available in a single input configuration for $699 USD. An optional dual-channel switchable input configuration is $749.

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