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The Sonic Side

The demos were recorded using a very minimal setup: a MINI-LE driven by the aux send output of a Behringer UB1002 pad mixer; the returns are connected to the two microphone inputs on the mixer, panned hard left and right, with the input gains at 3 o'clock. Unless otherwise noted, the EQ's are flat without any low cut.

The "signal generator" is one of Dave Smith's Evolvers. We use factory preset loops. Each demo starts dry, then the send level is turned up to bring in the reverb, then the sequencer is stopped and re-started arbitrarily, to allow the reverb tail to be heard.

Evolver Prog 861'00
Evolver Prog 071'00
Evolver Prog 600'45
Evolver Prog 160'40
Evolver Prog 370'40

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