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The CoolSprings MINI-LE Stereo Spring Reverb

Current Status: There will be no more Mini-LE's, but we can make you a Mini-SE (Special Edition) or a mono-Mini. It's the same smooth sound in a small black box. The availability is sporadic, so email for info.

The CoolSprings MINI-LE is a compact passive stereo spring reverb from Zerotronics. It's a MINI because it's small (2"H x 6"W x 9"D, 3.7 lbs) and an LE because it's a Limited Edition.

Small enough and light enough that you can take it with you to a mixing session, just as you take your favorite microphones to a tracking session. Or take it on the road and use it for live PA.

Inside the box is a pair of rare NOS (new old stock) dual-spring reverb mechanisms, manufactured by Baldwin in the late 60's for use in electronic organs. A unique tapered spring design creates a delay line in which the delay time is inversely proportional to frequency. The result is a smooth reverb with a remarkable degree of diffusion.

When you hear it, you won't believe your eyes. When you see it, you won't believe your ears.

The CoolSprings MINI-LE is a limited edition, $795 USD.

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