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Useful Links

Magazines, Blogs, Forums

Tape Op - The best recording magazine
Sound On Sound - The other best recording magazine
Signal To Noise - A great music magazine

Gear Slutz
Music Gadgets
Intelligent Machinery


Accutronics Reverbs - Made in USA!
Dave Smith Instruments - Signal Generators
Bill Lawrence - Guitar Pickups
FMR Audio - Preamps and Compressors
Seven Woods Audio

Mouser Electronics - Parts
DigiKey Electronics - More Parts
Neutrik - Connectors
Douglas Electronics - Custom PC Boards
ProtoCase - Custom Enclosures
Mid-Atlantic - Rack Enclosures

Xcelite - Hand Tools
Weller - Soldering Irons
Beacon Adhesives - Sticky Stuff
ULine - Shipping Supplies


FuzzMeasure - audio analyzer
SignalScope - realtime oscilliscope/analyzer
Wave Arts
Taco Software - HTML editor

People and Places

Zerotronics on Myspace
Wendy Mittelstadt
Dave Piekoz
Pete Weiss
Andy Hong
Mark Linett
John Rodd
Leo Sidran
Andrew Gilchrist
Ken Field
Jennifer Matthews

Guy In The Middle
The Weisstronauts
The Revolutionary Snake Ensemble
Birdsongs of the Mesozoic
Twilight Circus Dub Sound System
Lucky 57

Kim Chee Records
Verdant Studio
Red Rockets Glare
513 analog
Pulse Music
Arkain Records
Amber Music
All Star Studios
Tin Drum Studios
The Boiler Room NYC
Alpha Centauri UK
Couch Records

Cafe Bayard
Liberty Elm Diner

Elements Drum-and-Bass
Odaiko New England

Parson's Audio
Cesari and McKenna LLP
Xenia Sibova

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