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2023 Technology Adoption Roadmap for Infrastructure and Operations

The Technology Adoption Roadmap for Infrastructure and Operations harnesses the collective wisdom of your peers to understand deployment plans, adoption timelines, value and risks posed by 57 technologies across core infrastructure domains, including operations, cloud, edge and data center, and digital workplace.

This roadmap will help you: 

  • Uncover areas your peers are finding real business returns and where they face significant deployment risks.
  • Benchmark exclusively based on data from I&O Leaders across regions and industries
  • Gain insights on technology adoption timelines and risk and value drivers 

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Benchmark your adoption plans against your peers

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    Reduce Technical Debt With Infrastructure Lifecycle Management

    Digital business, in the public and private sectors alike, demands resilient, adaptable infrastructure that can support and react to evolving needs. However, uncontrolled technical debt from out-of-date systems prevents infrastructure and operations leaders from meeting this requirement. This complimentary webinar explores how IT leaders can implement effective infrastructure life cycle management that makes it easier to assess, modernize, and govern obsolescence and technical debt.

    Gartner predicts that by 2025, 70% of organizations will complement the continuous delivery of applications with continuous infrastructure automation to improve business agility, which is a significant increase from fewer than 20% in 2021

    Chris Saunderson

    Senior Director Analyst, Gartner
    In the past I used to spend a lot of time on research, but after having a Gartner subscription, I can search a specific subject and get an immediate answer. Gartner's presentations are so rich in information that they will answer all of my questions.

    Ronald Dsa

    Infrastructure Director, OSN - Dubai

    I&O leaders must successfully scale digital initiatives to deliver growth

    I&O leaders have to be active contributors toward their organizations' digital success in delivering growth by helping scale digital initiatives throughout the enterprise. Infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders have to do so primarily by better aligning their capabilities with the business, delivering improving quality and lowering costs. 

    How we address your top challenges

    Changing business and technical requirements, including the shift toward digital business and automation, require I&O leaders to evolve and advance their skills to stay relevant. I&O leaders must implement innovative strategies that embrace technology innovations to stay ahead and impact business outcomes. 

    2023 Leadership Vision for Infrastructure & Operations

    Gartner Leadership Vision provides top-level guidance to leaders and their teams on where to focus — based on our data-driven research. We’re providing detailed insights to our clients across dozens of roles, and we’re now excited to share excerpts with the business community beyond our clients to help you prioritize your time and energy.

    The Future of Cloud: Prepare for 2025 

    By 2025 cloud computing will be pervasive, driving technological innovation and serving as the foundation for business innovation. This complimentary webinar will help IT leaders develop cloud strategies while mapping out the cloud’s evolutionary course for executive leaders, peers, and teams.

    Improve Infrastructure Agility - A Story for a New Era

    Established I&O organizations are being told to implement agile methods with little or no guidance as to what that means. And much confusion exists about how to apply agile development methods to I&O situations. This research details four recommendations for starting the agile journey.

    Ignition Guide to Efficient Cost Management in I&O

    Due to uncertain economic conditions, infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders face increasing pressure to manage their costs. I&O leaders can use this step-by-step guide to help set up a process for evaluating and selecting cost management initiatives for I&O.

    Revamp Your I&O Finance and Budgeting Process for Digital Innovation

    I&O leaders are discovering that the old rules for building IT business cases and managing IT budgets don’t apply to digital innovation projects. I&O leaders must take three steps to prepare I&O for the financial management of agile, cloud-based initiatives.

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