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Staying Bold: How HR Can Unlock Human Performance in Any Context

Through the extreme disruption of the past three years, organizations showed remarkable innovation and experimentation. HR led the way in transforming work models, boosting accountability for employee well-being and equity, and expanding the boundaries of what leaders previously thought their people, systems and technologies could achieve. HR leaders now face a critical question: How can they build a new, sustainable path forward to extraordinary talent impact without the extraordinary circumstances of recent years?

Join us at one of the top HR conferences as we discuss emerging ideas and deliver actionable insights to help HR leaders unlock new dimensions of human performance. From HR technology & management to CHRO effectiveness, we will explore a variety of HR conference topics at the Gartner ReimagineHR Conference 2023. 

Gartner ReimagineHR Conference

4 – 5 December 2023 | Sydney, Australia 

17 – 18 September 2024 | London, U.K.

28 – 30 October 2024 | Orlando, FL

Gartner ReimagineHR Conference

Join us for the most impactful HR conference of the year, with the most senior HR audience globally. Get the insights and networking opportunities you need to lead through disruption.
What's covered

Explore our HR conference agenda tracks that address the most pressing priorities for today's HR leaders:

  • Track A: Reimagine the Role of the CHRO
  • Track B: Reimagine Recruiting
  • Track C: Reimagine Talent Management
  • Track D: Reimagining Learning and Development
  • Track E: Reimagine Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Track F: Reimagine Performance and Rewards
  • Track G: Reimagine Talent Analytics
  • Track H: Reimagine HR Tech
Who should attend

Join your true peer group of CHROs, HR executives and thought leaders at one of the premier CHRO conferences:

CHROs and heads of HR gain cross-functional insights to drive organizational performance through talent.

Learning and development executives gain strategies to fill critical skills gaps.

Total rewards leaders gain best practices on how to shape rewards packages to address a growing emphasis on employee psychological and physical well-being.

Heads of HR technology learn how to navigate macro trends like AI and the evolving digital workplace.

Heads of talent analytics learn how to overcome employee data and transparency concerns and ethical data collection techniques.

Chief diversity officers gain insights on how to apply data and analytics to diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Talent acquisition and recruiting executives gain strategies to compete in today’s challenging labor market.

Talent management leaders learn new, short- and long-term workforce planning strategies for the future of work.

I was able to get 1:1 advice from a Gartner expert at the Gartner ReimagineHR Conference on a topic that is relevant to my business. It was a great experience to attend and to learn the latest research and advice in talent management. 

Beverly Propst

Senior Vice President, HR, Graybar Electric Company, Inc.

At Gartner HR conferences, you’ll find objective insights, strategic advice and practical tools to help you achieve your most critical priorities

Leading organizations around the globe are counting on their HR function to lead the business forward from the disruption. CHROs and HR leaders who join the Gartner HR conferences 2023 will gain access to insights that will expand their thinking, gather best practices to bring back to their organizations, and become empowered to rethink their HR function’s priorities — all while developing the skills necessary to support the organization as strategic business leaders.

Get inspired as you build your professional skills and your professional network during interactive sessions and invaluable peer conversations.

Check back for frequently updated content, resources and HR conferences 2023 updates. CHROs and HR executives can find valuable advice, tools and networking opportunities to help them lead their organization’s HR transformation, build the desired culture and enhance their business leader skill set.

Explore research-backed content for CHROs and human resource executives

The Gartner ReimagineHR Conference is the world’s most important gathering for CHROs and their executive teams, where they hone strategies to optimize the hiring and retention of scarce top talent, drive continuous learning and development, maximize the productivity of employees and reward them for it, and ensure diversity and inclusion in their workforces.

Research-backed content for CHROs

CHROs get necessary information to work with senior management stakeholders and empower teams to lead through an era of social change, technology disruption and workforce transitions. Gain insights on how to reimagine your HR strategy to drive the performance of your team of HR professionals and the organization.

Discover recruiting research 

Increasing transparency is changing candidate behavior and expectations. Labor market dynamics make it increasingly difficult to source quality talent. Learn the most effective strategies for talent acquisition executives to compete for talent in today’s new recruiting environment.

Read more about learning and development

The skills and capabilities that employees need to succeed are changing rapidly. HR executives discover the most effective and scalable strategies to target development priorities, build new skills and equip employees at all levels of the organization for the future.

Read the research from HR experts

As organizations redefine their relationships with employees (e.g., how work is being done, where work is being done), the way organizations drive and evaluate employee performance must be redefined as well. Total rewards executives learn how their performance management and rewards strategies must evolve to support an equitable work environment.

Discover diversity resources for the modern business leader

Customers, CEOs, boards of directors and employees are increasingly expecting a diverse workforce. Diversity and inclusion (D&I) executives learn the most innovative ways to accelerate their DE&I approaches and strengthen cross-functional partnerships.

Read more about HR tech strategy

A comprehensive HR tech strategy is essential to achieving HR top capability and delivering value to the broader enterprise. HR executives learn about the contribution HR technology brings to human resource service offering and partnering competency by having an employee-centric value proposition at its heart.

Explore resources and topics for analytics professionals in HR

Talent analytics functions and strategies are rapidly evolving. Talent analytics HR professionals explore ideas and insights to develop their discipline, looking at building and delivering against a value proposition for human resource insights that remains within the boundaries of ethical application.

Read more about talent management

Talent management leaders gain insights on how to reimagine talent management and workforce engagement strategies, including career pathing, performance management, change management, workforce planning and succession planning.

HR Technology Planning Imperatives for The Future

HR leaders face numerous challenges in 2023 and beyond, such as talent shortages, difficult economic conditions and limited budgets. The Gartner research below, based on a survey of 138 HR organizations, provides insights on the future of HR technology and how HR leaders can utilize HR tech to face these challenges head-on. 

In addition, Gartner ReimagineHR Conference is a great way to discuss these challenges and find various solutions. By attending one of the top HR conferences globally, you get the opportunity to gain tailored insights from Gartner HR experts and other HR leaders like you. 

1. With a faltering global economy, HR technology leaders must anticipate greater demand for measurable outcomes to justify new investments and their wider technology strategies. As a result, the top 3 priorities for HR technology transformation are: better business outcomes, headcount and skill growth, and cost optimization. Buyers will find investment in HR technology can deliver desired revenue growth and growth in headcount and skills. However, cost optimization will be more challenging and will depend on where the organization is on its cloud HR journey.

Gartner recommends that wherever the organization is on its cloud journey, it should not move to the cloud to find cost savings only. While cloud deployments can avoid large capital expenditures that come with on-premises deployments, they still require high operating costs and full-time equivalents to manage them. HR leaders should move to the cloud for reasons such as increasing scalability, reducing need for manual intervention or embracing the innovation offered by cloud services.

2. The top hurdle for HR leaders is HR technology adoption by employees and managers. Without adoption, technology provides zero value while incurring ongoing costs. Moreover, employees who reject an HR technology spend time finding workarounds, which leads to work friction and inefficiency.

Gartner recommends that HR technology leaders actively drive adoption of the technologies they introduce. This requires the application of user feedback to improve the technology incrementally and it requires changing management’s digital maturity. Also, HR technology leaders must focus on using data to improve the related resources and the process flows of the most frequently used technologies.

3. 75% of HR leaders expect their HR technology to be consolidated around a core cloud human capital management suite by 2025. With only 15% of respondents indicating they planned to host at least some applications on-premises by 2025, we are long past the halfway point in the transition from on-premises to cloud. *

Gartner recommends that as on-premises applications approach end-of-life, HR leaders make immediate plans to migrate to the cloud to deliver business transformation and reduce risk.

When it comes to insights on HR technology strategies, you won’t find better HR events than Gartner ReimagineHR Conference. By meeting Gartner experts and networking with HR leaders, you are bound to gain important, actionable insights on the role HR technologies can play in your organization.

*Source: HR Technology Planning Imperatives for 2023 and Beyond

Only 43% of survey respondents said their employees are satisfied with the HR technology operated by their organization. * This is not a high satisfaction rate considering the time, cost and human effort put into purchasing and implementing these technologies. This dissatisfaction mainly results from a suboptimal user experience.

Based on conversations with our clients, Gartner recommends these solutions for HR leaders to prevent low end-user adoption:

  • Properly aligning employees’ needs and preferences with HR technologies
  • Clearly communicating the change and value of HR technology, so employees don’t have technology awareness
  • Developing a robust change strategy or internal marketing campaign for newly implemented technology
  • Including employer and manager input from the technology selection process
  • Streamlining the process to fit the new product or deploying a product that can accommodate the existing processes

To gain actionable, research-backed insights tailored to your organization’s user experience, make sure you attend Gartner ReimagineHR Conference. By attending the premier HR leadership conference, you get opportunities to network with Gartner experts and other HR leaders and discuss a variety of HR conference topics.

*Source: HR Technology Planning Imperatives for 2023 and Beyond

39% of HR leaders independently set up their own HR technology strategies with support from IT. 45% indicated shared leadership and decision making between the HR and IT departments.* HR is the expert, with the necessary HR and business process insights. However, HR is not likely to have all the skills and knowledge needed to define a holistic HR technology strategy. IT has technological expertise and can validate whether the HR technology strategy is viable at scale.

Gartner recommends that HR leaders have clearly defined roles between HRIT and IT. IT support is important but no longer needed in every step of HR digital transformation. Both HR and IT should be mindful of their respective roles in each task.

For a deeper dive into HR and IT collaborations, custom recommendations and in-person guidance, join us at Gartner ReimagineHR Conference, one of the premier, globally attended HR events of the year. To explore the roles of HR and IT, you won’t find HR analytics conferences like this one.

*Source: HR Technology Planning Imperatives for 2023 and Beyond

At Gartner HR conferences, CHROs and HR leaders gain access to data-driven insights, strategies and frameworks to help increase HR leadership’s impact within their organization. Attendees have access to various research-backed sessions covering HR topics that matter most to them.

At this year’s Gartner ReimagineHR Conference, one of the best HR conferences in 2023, attendees explore the following topics regarding HR technology:

  • Navigating the future of technology and human resources through insights into macro trends, such as AI and the evolving digital workplace
  • Develop organizationwide guidelines for technology decision making and governance in an environment of quickly moving HR technology advances
  • Enhance collaboration with IT business partners
  • Getting a holistic set of perspectives on HR technology stack design: Gartner HR IT experts, a diverse selection of vendors and solution providers, peer recommendations and case studies
  • Prioritizing your technology investments and decisions, especially in an environment of constrained resources

Take a look at the Gartner ReimagineHR Conference 2023 agenda to find what HR topics are right for you. By attending, CHROs and HR leadership are joining in one of the top HR conferences and get a critical update on top HR trends. 

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