Gartner IT Score

Advancing IT's performance to support enterprise goals

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Gartner IT score for CIOs is helpful for CIOs to get a baseline of IT’s contribution to business strategy and build a roadmap to improve the effectiveness of its operating model.

Gartner can help Data and analytics leaders assess shortcomings, determine priorities and identify actions for improving the maturity and performance of their related competencies and capabilities using D&A IT Score.

Gartner IT Score for Security & Risk Management is a strategic planning tool for the head of security and risk management that can help gain perspective on the highest priority activities to drive business outcomes.

Gartner IT Score for Applications can help evaluate the governance and management capabilities of your application organization and determine where improvements will add value to advance the organization.

Gartner I&O Score report provides a detailed roadmap for advancing maturity, as well as resources and recommendations to help you improve.

Gartner IT Score for Software Engineering Leaders is a strategic planning and improvement tool for software engineering leaders that can help build a roadmap to improve the effectiveness of software engineering in realizing enterprise goals and software delivery.

Benchmark key functional processes and activities with Gartner IT Score

To maximize the value of Gartner IT Score, CIOs and IT Leaders of a function should:

  • Take the score diagnostic to get a custom, on-demand view of your IT function's performance and maturity vs. a benchmark peer group.
  • Use the report to spot performance gaps to tackle urgently and prioritize the steps you need to take to advance your function.
  • Leverage Gartner resources to implement foundational, featured, and progressive practices to generate tangible business results.

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