Digital Transformation for Enterprise Architects

Powerful insights to evolve the Enterprise Architecture role and impact your business strategy

Enterprise Architecture Function Primer for 2023

In 2023, organizations will be challenged to drive business growth while simultaneously ensuring operational resilience - or what we refer to as resilient growth - in the face of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) and evolving business conditions and priorities.

Enterprise Architecture leaders must reevaluate and redesign their function's value proposition, activities, management and staffing to enable growth and resilience in a project- and product-oriented digital enterprise.

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    2023 Leadership Vision for Enterprise Architecture

    Today's rapidly changing business environment provides great opportunities for enterprise architecture (EA) leaders who have an unprecedented opportunity to define a new vision for EA and for their teams.

    This eBook is designed to provide top-level guidance on where to focus - based on our data-driven research.

    How we address top challenges for Enterprise Architects

    As the focus of the Enterprise Architecture shifts from the IT organization to the business, the types of deliverables need to change. Enterprise Architects will now require new models and analyses, practices and competencies to understand, support and add value for their business stakeholders.

    8 Steps To Select And Obtain Value From Enterprise Architecture

    An Enterprise Architecture product is not “just a tool” — its features and functions support business and IT, making it an enterprise application. Follow these eight steps to select the most appropriate Enterprise Architecture tool and obtain value from it.

    2023 Technology Adoption Roadmap for Infrastructure and Operations 

    This Roadmap is designed to understand deployment plans, adoption timelines, value and risks posed by 57 technologies across core infrastructure domains, including operations, cloud, edge and data center, and digital workplace.

    Predicts 2023: Enterprise Architecture Charts New Path for Postdigital Era

    Responsibility for digital delivery has been shifting from the IT organization into the business, driven by the business's desire for more control and ownership. This risks organizations becoming fragmented and inefficient. Make Enterprise Architecture an essential part of democratization.

    Digital Business Strategy and Plans Primer for 2023

    89% of non-executive board directors agree that we live in a “postdigital” world, where “digital” is no longer seen as a separate strategy but an implicit part of all business growth strategies. Assess trends and build scenario models to balance resiliency with growth demands.

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