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So What Does It Sound Like?

Evolver Arpeggio [1'00; 1.4MB MP3; 10.1MB AIFF ]

This example was recorded using one of Dave Smith's wonderful Evolvers as a sound source, along with a Behringer UB1002 pad mixer to drive a CoolSprings with a short/medium combo decay. Program 86, a very nice synth arpeggio, is used. The first four repeats are dry; then the wet returns are mixed in. After that, the Evolver's sequencer is stopped and started abruptly to allow the reverb tail to be heard as it decays.

Evolver Groove 7 [1'04; 1.5MB MP3; 10.8MB AIFF ]

Another Evolver example, this time using the very funky Program 7...

Evolver Groove 60 [0'38; 890KB MP3; 6.4MB AIFF ]

Yet another Evolver example, this time using Program 60...

Kicking and Pounding [0'26; 609KB MP3; 4.4MB AIFF ]

Two light front panel kicks, some pounding on the top cover with the side of my fist, then one more good kick...

Drums and Bass

Four files, the same track (created with Reason), first recorded dry, then through the short-medium reverb with three different send levels. If the beat sounds a bit odd, that is because it is in 11/8 time...
dry [1'05; 1.5MB MP3; 11MB AIFF ]
low send [1'11; 1.7MB MP3; 12MB AIFF ]
medium send [1'16; 1.8MB MP3; 12.8MB AIFF ]
high send [1'27; 2MB MP3; 14.7MB AIFF ]

[more to follow...]

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