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The Coolsprings Stereo Spring Reverb System is a passive spring reverb incorporating four Accutronics® Type 9 reverb tanks in a mono-in, stereo-out configuration. It is designed to work with existing console electronics.

The input is line level; the unit can be driven directly from the bus send output of a mixer. The outputs are low impedance microphone level and should be connected to console mic channels (requires 40-50 dB gain). Logically, it's like a reverb chamber; the outputs can be thought of as coming from a pair of microphones inside.

This arrangement allows the reverb unit to be located remotely from the electronics, usually in a quiet area of the studio (next to the EMT plate), free of mechanical vibration and power line noise, or in a location convenient to the performer, to facilitate real-time manipulations such as kicking or pounding.

The channel strip resources (gain, phase, lo-cut, EQ, pan, etc.) can be used to tailor the sound of the wet return. In particular, the sends on those channels can be used to introduce feedback into the reverbs.

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