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New pricing effective October 15th, 2012.

As you may know, Accutronics Reverbs are now being made by Belton in Korea. We've obtained some and we are pleased to report that they are very well made and they sound excellent. However, due to the increased shipping charges, we're forced to raise our prices.

Coolsprings Stereo Reverb Systems are $599 + S/H. A switched dual-input option is available, $50 extra per unit. Multiple unit orders will garner a discount. Our default shipping method is UPS Ground (or USPS for international) but we can ship by other carriers if you prefer.

Units are shipped with foam blocks packed inside the reverb units (the same way that Accutronics ships them) to protect the shock-mounted spring mechanisms. These blocks must be removed before the unit can be used; otherwise it won't sound very good. The process is simple, requiring only a Phillips screwdriver and your fingers. (Of course, you are going to open it up anyway, just to see what is inside.)

We accept cash, checks, money orders, gold bullion, barrels of light sweet crude at current market prices, carbon offsets and, of course, PayPal.

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