Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO)

Supply chain leaders can transform their function, management and process

Leadership Vision for
Chief Supply Chain Officers

In 2023 and beyond, growing resource shortages, scarce talent, and energy inflation will significantly impact the supply chain agenda.

The Gartner Leadership Vision for Supply Chain helps you to optimize network performance, advance the sustainability agenda and re-energize the workforce in the face of ongoing disruption. 

Download the 2023 Supply Chain Leadership Vision to explore the 3 key supply chain management practices that you must follow to minimize supply chain risks and successfully tackle disruptions.

Download Supply Chain Leadership Vision Guide

Explore expert guidance on 3 key supply chain actions

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    Chief Supply Chain Officer: Achieve Your Top Priorities

    In today's increasingly digital environment, supply chains must make the transformational changes needed to increase their organizations resilience and agility. But, new business models are challenging chief supply chain officers to reengineer operations, realign organizational structures and retool investment plans.

    Both well-tenured and new chief supply chain officers are turning to Gartner support to effectively:

    • Navigate through the new landscape 
    • Respond to the next disruption
    • Innovate for the future through leading-edge supply chain management practices

    How can we help you?

    Chief supply chain officer insights you can use

    Gartner provides chief supply chain officers with insights, advice, data and tools to develop effective supply chain leadership strategies that foster innovation and profitability.

    Strategic Planning for Supply Chain: One-Page Guide

    Supply chain leaders can build a strategic plan using our 3 steps, best practices and customizable template.

    Build CSCO Influence in the Boardroom

    This report is based on interviews with senior supply chain, finance and commercial leaders. Download now to learn key strategies for demonstrating value by building a resilient supply chain organization.

    Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 for 2023

    The Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 for 2023 identifies, celebrates and profiles companies demonstrating excellence in supply chain management amid global supply chain disruption. See who ranked highest for supply chain excellence this year.

    2023 Gartner Power of the Profession™ Supply Chain Awards

    Gartner Power of the Profession™ Supply Chain Awards 2023 for breakthrough supply chain innovations inspires supply chain transformation around the globe. Download the latest award winners report to read examples of supply chain excellence in action.

    Explore what Gartner for Supply Chain can do for you

    Gartner Chief Supply Chain Officer Case Studies

    Without Gartner, I would have struggled with the Smart Factory benchmarking and startup. This entire process could have taken us 10 years, but we are at least 6 years ahead of schedule because Gartner lit the fire that we needed to have the strategy and structure to build this out

    Chief Supply Chain Officer, Medical Device Manufacturer
    Case Study

    Chief supply chain officer tackles urgent supply chain challenges

    The chief supply chain officer at a healthcare company needed to enable her leadership team to tackle the industry’s most urgent supply chain challenges. Learn how Gartner’s research and expertise in healthcare supply chain management and supply chain talent management, helped the client avoide high talent acquisition costs and effectively enabled the leadership team to reduce cost to serve

    Saved $200,000 by leveraging low oil prices to renegotiate terms in ocean freight contract.

    Experience Supply Chain conferences

    Join your peers for the unveiling of the latest insights at Gartner conferences.

    Chief Supply Chain Officer FAQs

    Supply chain is a group of functions and processes focused on optimizing the flow of products, services and related information from sources of supply to customers or points of demand. It stretches across multiple tiers in the supplier network to customers and to customers of those customers. It includes supply chain planning, sourcing and procurement, manufacturing, distribution, transportation, and services within a company and its ecosystem of partners.

    Supply chain management (SCM) refers to the processes of creating and fulfilling demands for goods and services. It encompasses a trading partner community engaged in the common goal of satisfying end customers.

    Supply chain segmentation involves designing and operating distinctly different end-to-end value chains (from customers to suppliers) optimized by a combination of unique customer value, product attribute, manufacturing and supply capabilities, and business value considerations. In essence, supply chain segmentation is the dynamic alignment of customer channel demands and supply response capabilities optimized for net profitability across each segment.

    Gartner’s Supply Chain Architecture Life Cycle is the process of managing the entire life cycle of each capability within your supply chain. For each supply chain capability, the life cycle includes inception; design and launch (physical, financial and digital); use for delivery of customer perfect orders; tracking of performance; refinement; and, ultimately, retirement of the processes, structures and governance related to that capability. It provides a standard for development and deployment of a strategy into operation.

    Demand-driven value network (DDVN) is a business environment holistically designed to maximize value of and optimize risk across the set of extended supply chain processes and technologies that senses and orchestrates demand based on a near-zero-latency demand signal across multiple networks of corporate stakeholders and trading partners.

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