Chief Data and Analytics Officer Leadership Traits

How Chief Data and Analytics Officers (CDAOs) grow their influence and impact.

6 Proven Steps to Become a Better Leader

The eight annual Gartner CDAO Survey shows that the most successful Chief Data and Analytics Officers (CDAOs)  outperform their peers by projecting an executive presence and building a strategic data and analytics function in an agile, repeatable, persistent way. 

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Drive Business Value Through Data and Analytics

Many D&A organizational models are structured for function optimization but lack the cross-functional alignment and collaboration needed for true D&A value creation.

For D&A leaders, the focus is on the business decision-making processes and the underlying D&A ecosystem enabling decisions. As part of the D&A strategy and operating model, CDAOs can help optimize these two areas to improve the flow of value to customers and establish a clear connection between D&A and business value creation.

How we address top challenges for Chief Data and Analytics Officers

With Data and Analytics moving more into the functional business units, the top 3 priorities for Chief Data and Analytics Officers have shifted to creating a data-driven culture, developing a data analytics strategy, and ensuring data governance. Our expert guidance and research help CDAOs find new ways of thinking and pursue a modern change management approach.

How to Prioritize Data and Analytics (D&A)

To capture the business opportunities created by re-engineering decisions, your D&A strategy and operating model must be aligned to optimize decision-making processes and the D&A ecosystem that enables them. That means making sure your organization prioritizes D&A around value.

What Role Data Fabric will play in your Data Management

Yes, data fabric architecture integrates data, but it can also learn what data is being used where — and then make recommendations for more, different and better data. This cuts management effort and captures the value of data more quickly.

The Key To Data & Analytics Success

We live in busy times, and we need to take the time to think about what is important. What is important in data and analytics is change. Here’s how to succeed. Rewatch this opening keynote from Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2021.

Incorporating the right skills and capabilities in your D&A organization

For effective decision making, people need to access and understand the data they’re using. To do that, you need to design a D&A operating model that deploys the right data and analytics skills and work in the right places.

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“When building our data strategy, it was very valuable to have someone who could bring alternative viewpoints from the POV of many different organizations.”

Minna Kӓrhӓ
Head of Data, Finnair

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