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Gartner Application Innovation & Business Solutions Summit 2023 is built for application and software engineering leaders looking to craft leading-edge applications, architectures and strategies that enable innovation, increase agility and deliver business value. 

Join us at the conference:

Gartner Application Innovation & Business Solutions Summit
14 – 16 May 2024  | Las Vegas, NV
18 – 19 June 2024  | Tokyo, Japan
9 – 10 September 2024  | London, U.K.

Explore 10 take aways from the 2023 Gartner Application Innovation & Business Solutions Summit in Las Vegas, NV.

Gartner Application Innovation & Business Solutions Summit

Craft leading edge applications, architectures and strategies that create value and enable digital business transformation.
What’s covered

Discover what matters most now and how to prepare for what’s ahead:

  • Application innovation

  • Leadership

  • Platform engineering

  • Application modernization

  • Application integration

  • Application and solutions architecture

Who should attend

Explore how this conference portfolio can help you address your top challenges:

Senior Application Leaders

Transform your organization into an intelligent, composable business.

Software Engineering Leaders

Develop software engineering strategies to create successful teams, systems, and experiences.

Applications and solution architects

Build agile architectures that continuously adapt and evolve to meet new and evolving business requirements.

Application/System integration managers

Craft a pervasive integration strategy that meets the needs of a modern organization.

Business technology strategists

Create multidisciplinary digital business teams to ensure successful digital transformation.


Yesterday’s platforms are today’s legacy, and today’s best practices quickly become tomorrow’s antipatterns. 2023 Gartner Application Innovation & Business Solutions conferences tackle these challenges head-on to help you build a winning software delivery strategy to succeed now and into the future.

Gartner application conferences give you unbiased advice on how to craft an agile application strategy to meet your business needs

Join a world-class community of Gartner application and software engineering experts and thousands of industry peers in your region.

Expand your sphere of influence and build your network. Join us at the premier Gartner conference designed specifically to equip application and software engineering leaders and their teams with the objective insights, expert guidance, practical tools and frameworks that they need to achieve their mission-critical priorities.

This conference portfolio is designed for application and software engineering leaders and their teams who are responsible for crafting leading-edge applications, architectures and strategies that enable innovation and deliver business value.

Bring your team to maximize learning. Participate in relevant sessions together or split up to cover more insights and share your take-aways later.  

Find content aligned to your professional roles below

Transform your organization into an intelligent, composable business

Develop an application strategy that is modular, composable and resilient and drive business outcomes faster by working with non-IT resources. 

Develop software engineering strategies that are fit for the future

Develop the right skills and team structures for successful software engineering. Explore the best practices for API design, API management and API monetization.

Build the right strategy and architecture

Architects must modernize their application architecture, software architecture and infrastructure strategies to respond to digital business imperatives of agility and scalability. This must all be done while also staying current on emerging technologies and their impact on those strategies.

Craft a pervasive integration strategy

Design a future-proof business application integration strategy. Select the right integration platforms and technologies to support digital business.

Accelerate learning and build a shared vision by attending as a group

The pace of business change will continue to accelerate over the next 12 to 18 months. In response, organizations need to become intelligent, composable businesses, driving superior business outcomes (that are timely, relevant and contextual) by fundamentally reengineering business decisions and orchestrating capabilities that adapt at the pace of business change. Software engineering leaders, application leaders, enterprise architects, PPM and business strategies will have to collaborate to help drive change. 

Gartner Applications Conference 2023 Topics

Emerging technologies and trends such as AI-assisted development, cloud sustainability and superapps have the potential to transform how you deliver business value. Learn how to leverage emerging technologies to build competitive advantage.

Application and software engineering leaders must orchestrate change, instigate innovation, and drive value through the execution of application initiatives. Explore how you can grow your leadership abilities, build relationships with stakeholders, and develop a sustainable innovation process and culture.

Discover how to increase end user productivity and reduce the burden on development teams with a curated set of tools, capabilities and processes that are packaged for easy consumption.

Understand how to adopt a continuous modernization approach to minimize the cost, risk, and impact of legacy-application optimization.

Integration requirements and technology are more diverse than ever. Learn how to select the right technologies, including iPaaS and integration frameworks for each integration use case.

Understand the architecture patterns and principles you’ll need to sustain digital transformation and learn how to best apply modern architecture practices to optimize your efforts to achieve targeted business outcomes.

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